J. de S. Associates, Inc.


Jacques de Spoelberch founded his literary agency in 1975 after being an editor at Houghton Mifflin both in Boston and New York, and having been the first Editorial Director of International Literary Management in New York.

Mr. de Spoelberch's interests, as editor and agent, have been broad-based . . .  generalist fiction and non-fiction, both literary and commercial, but with the occasional penchant towards the mischievous, the comedic, the idiosyncratic, and even the noir.

Recently published books Mr. de Spoelberch represents are Jon Michael Varese’s novel The Spirit Photographer, Haroon Ullah’s House of Heroin: Inside the Secret Billion Dollar Narco-Terror Empire, Peter Shinkle’s biography of Robert Cutler Ike’s Mystery Man, Michael Witwer, Kyle Peterson, Kyle Newman, and Sam Witwer’s Dungeons and Dragons: A Visual History, and John Heminway’s book on Dr. Anne Spoerry In Full Flight: A Story of Africa and Atonement.

J. de S. Associates has corresponding agents abroad, and a performance rights agent in Los Angeles.