J. de S. Associates, Inc.


Projects Mr. de Spoelberch is showing, or will be showing shortly, are as follows:

Meredith Battle
When the Snakes Killed Daddy (Novel)
The story of a young Appalachian woman's fight against resettlement in the 1930's.

Stewart Buettner
The Time Killers (Novel)
A story of family feuding in 14th-century Sienna.

Pamela Farley
Zephyr and Off Beat (YA Fiction)
First-rate Young Adult fiction.

Michael Foster
The Serpent's Kiss (Novel)
An epic popular novel featuring a sensuous woman evangelist at the time of Amerca's French and Indian Wars.

Letha Hadady
Heart to Heart (Nonfiction)
A trove of information both traditional and complementary for everyone, caregivers too, concerned with this subject.

Letha Hadady
Coffee and Chocolate (Novel)
A mystical love story set in Central America.

Patrick Hicks
The Lazarus Bomb (Novel)
Hick's new novel (after The Commandant of Lubizec) is the WW II story of  an American Flying Fortress pilot whose bombs suddenly seem to restore peoples' lives instead of destroying them.

Neil Kirk
Vinyl Magic (Nonfiction)
A proposal by music afficionado Kirk for a book about his signed record collection and his experiences with the artists who contributed to it.

Eric Laursen
The Last Humanist: The Life and Passions of Alex Comfort (Nonfiction)
A proposal for a biography of the man whose life extended well beyond The Joy of Sex.

Laura McMennimin
Winter Shadows (Novel)
A contemporary western about a woman biologist and a small town Montana sheriff who illegally transport wolves from their Canadian holding pens into Yellowstone National Park.

Naomi Miller
The Storyteller (Novel)
Features the Renaissance rebel Mary Wroth.
Plus Dr. Miller's proposal for a continuing series of novels called "Shakespeare's Sisters" about other women writers of the period.

Lanae St. John
Raising Sexsmart Kids (Nonfiction)
St. John, "The Mama Sutra," offers a smart and savvy primer.

David Tucker (and Burton Spivak)
I Never Sang Like My Father
A son's spirited memoir of his father, the legendary opera star Richard Tucker.

Jon Michael Varese
The Spirit Photographer (Novel)
Dickens scholar Varese turns to the U.S. for this tale of 19th-century Spiritualism and slavery.

William Woodward
Painting the Circus (Nonfiction)
Artist and art teacher Woodward relates in word and picture his painting of the largest mural done in the last half century.